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Native Collection_Table base

Made with Spin
Fabrication & Photos : Made with Spin


The word Native refers to the birth of something or someone in relation to a specific context. To me it means the ability to question a know how by changing the territory of expression. Consequently, the Native Collection is born in India in collaboration with the visionaries of the country.

This collection is based on an elementary approach of design emphasizing techniques and emotions through the work of upholstery, wood and metal. It acknowledges movement and lightness to create functionalities and structural patterns.

The 30 mm and 15 mm diameter pipes used for the structure refer to the 19th century’s modern style. Referring to the work of french architects and designers – Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, who dedicated their lives to creating a new experience of living.

SPIN is known as a leading brand in India for their minimalist and visionary approach of design. Dealing mainly with metal sheet structures, 3D pipe bending process as well as the work on the fabric and stitching helped me creating a new aesthetic language. Through the Native furniture collection we are opening a new chapter narrating comfort, leisure, mobility and emotional design

Center Table : The Native center table questions the adaptability of furniture to daily movements and usages. This key component of the collection is composed with a light metal structure supporting a wide hardboard tray and a round swivel tray. Exploring the dynamics of movements, the Native center table is available in a range of signature colors and wooden veneers.


SPIN – Native Center Table