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WING side table

Images : SPALLI


Working with wood is according to me the most noble and rigourous act in design. For SPALLI, my first intention was to explore the balance between lightness and strength. The collection is less guided by aesthetic value and more by the technical properties of each elements. My aim was to achieve maximum visual impact using minimum material. On one hand I chose to work on oval sections of wood. In an aircraft architecture, the oval shape is used for its high technical properties. Its wing is for example is one of the strongest component as well as the most areodynamic and flexible one. On the other hand, the use of other materials such as leather, marble and glass helped me reinforce different aspects of the products.

In the WING side table, the marble base helps avoid using wide legs and the glass on top increases the lightness of the wooden structure. The same feeling is given by the construction itself. The two legs of the side table converge towards the center whereas usually they are always tilted towards the outside of the furniture. The oval section ensures the technical efficiency while giving an elegant and timeless look.

SPALLI – Table d’appoint WING