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The Studio

Studio Rémi Bouhaniche, the eponymous design studio of its founder Rémi Bou haniche has a target since 10 years to propose its clients creative, customised design solutions. We are encircled by a team of innovative and professional collaborators.

« Since its creation, the studio has chosen to work on exceptional projects and to select its collaborators with a bearing of exigency and mutuel respect. Like talented goldsmiths, we study each of our projects meticulously in order to impart them a unique value in terms of usage, comfort, emotion and narration. »


The studio proposes a methodology of conception which is based on comprehension and writing of new usage scenarios. We imbibe into our solutions a unique character of usage with creations of gestures and innovative rituals.

• Establish a work group
• Meeting end users
• Usage specifications
• Categorizing usages

Idea book

It is also important for us to stay connected to a certain design tradition. And so, the designed project takes a predominant place in the creation process. It allows us to generate a poetry and to stay connected to a feeling which characterizes Studio Rémi Bouhaniche.

• Idea book
• Material samples
• Moodboards
• Reference book of materials, products

Technical Development

We accord a particular importance to details and the technical dimension of the project.
Also, we possess the tools necessary for the creation of a technical design, modeling and 3D rendering facilitating the understanding and appreciation of the technicality of our proposals. Following the same logic, we choose our manufacturers by their capacity to address the exigence required. Through our work, we value their skills and technical know-how.

• Technical Designs CAO
• CAO 3D
• Renderings
• Consultation of businesses
• Analysis of cost estimate
• Monitoring Manufacturing

Follow-on Project

To conclude, Knowing the ins and out of the projects that we design, we accompany our clients in the global strategy of marketing and communication of their products. In this respect, we conceive the global visual identity, sales tools and create brand guidelines. This work allows us to guaranty our clients a long term global coherence throughout the project.

• Creation of Visual Identity
• Packaging
• Visual Identity guidelines
• Artistic Direction
• Sales point