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CINNA / Ligne Roset
Photos : CINNA / Ligne Roset


A year and a half ago, in my office, I started spontaneously designing a form on the corner of an A4 sheet, an idea that was on my mind since a long time. Then, I took a piece of cloth and foam to make a model. I stitched together this product like an Origami in the form of a quilted trapeze, folded and held together with a few stitches.

This soft, fluffy form which highlights the absence of all rigid materials, posed on a wooden structure affirms its humane aspect. Then, I proposed the sofa TOA to Groupe Ligne Roset. After about a year, while I was presenting my work at the exhibition HomeWork at Saint Etienne, Michel Roset came to see me, to share his enthusiasm regarding my research. The adventure actually started this day and we started a dialogue. I went to the head office of the company situated about an hour’s distance from Lyon, at Briod to work with their research department, their upholsterers, cabinet makers and talented engineers, probably the best in France in this sector. This was a long journey and a long collaboration. We developed several prototypes till finally deciding upon the best proportions and desired comfort.

Our shared vision and dialogue was at the heart of the development of this sofa. Through TOA, I wanted to propose a timeless and universal form of comfort, furniture which would be profoundly connected to us, to our lives, our emotions and our dreams. This intuitive form materializes a nomadic, urban and timeless comfort. TOA incarnates the vision of a designer and that of a furniture editor in which audacity and sensitivity are virtues and where respect and passion forms a fertile ground for innovation.

Ligne Roset – TOA