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Embroidered Objects

Collaborator : Lucie Bourreau with the support of ADERA, Les Ecoles Supérieures d’Art Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.
Photos : Zeste Production


How to introduce embroidery in the daily life through objects used in our homes? This is the question that we – me and Lucie Bourreau, posed to ourselves to work on an ambitious project concerning the age known manner of embroidering. Hence, this project is a dedication to time and material.

The time to make, to think, to see, to contemplate, to use. Of terracotta and of hundreds of rolls of threads creating supports, covers, handles and landscapes. These light objects are embellished by textures and colors. They are the first step of a research that began six months ago in France and in India – Calcutta, New Delhi, Paris and Lyon. We channelized ourselves towards innovative research dealing with surfaces and volumes in order to create technical products- soft yet structured. These shapes are mainly containers but each piece explores a different function and vocabulary. The color gradients applied, emphasizes the contact zone between the user and the object.

The Wooden Pond

A landscape of branches is created by an accumulation of brown cotton threads wound together. The technique evolves from the horizontal support to vertical embroidery. An earthen bowl is the container of this embroidered, artificial nature which dresses the interior. A small wooden pond to be kept close to one.

The Handle

The object here explores the tension of an embroidered surface applied on an earthen cylinder. The tensed projection on the earthen cylinder hence becomes a handle to hold, ideal and delicate to grasp the object.

The Carpet

Two reliefs embroidered on a surface, holds an earthen container that sits perfectly in between, supported by the forms. The zone of contact is emphasized by the yellow color threads which emit a light reflection on the white volume of the earthen pot.

The Cover

Our aim here is to bring embroidery towards the conception of the technical complexes of the objects, such as fabrication of a cover. Here, the transmission of the threads on the cords helps to obtain a rigid surface around the border and flexibility towards its center. The circle stretches towards one of the sites to create a flexible handle. The color blue and its gradient towards grey create a functional dimension, marking the zone of the handle and the line of force.