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Collaborators : Amaury Poudray, Artisan: Philippe Poulard (Fer Savoir),Iron Craftsman
Photos : Pierre Dutilleux


This Object, composed of 3 tools of a fireplace and their support materializes the meeting of an Iron craftsman with two designers in 2011. It translates the good will of USIN-e and of Philippe Poulard to unveil naturally a materiel and a know-how. The impressions left on the object by the artisan reveals the technique of production : shaping of the metal with a hammer and anvil. The flattening of the material on certain portions allowed to create a shovel, a poker and a log lifter with a surface sufficient to create a hole in each one of them allowing them to be suspended. The stand is divided into three bars centered, identically braided and welded on three points. Together, all the elements are situated at a height of 70cm which allows all the tools to be accessible. Hence « l’objet » puts us in front of an obvious materialism loaded of stories and paradoxes.