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The Rooftop Restaurant

Blezat Hospitality
2016 – 2017 – 2018
Assistants : Jolèn Rubio, Kevin Josserand, Quentin Cornut


At the top of Maison Nô, perched on the crown of Lyon, « Le Rooftop » is a place of ubiquity, a convergence of all energies. This space is composed of many zones. The piece of furniture at the the entrance integrates a maturing cellar. This composition benefited the creation of a micro theater scene ornate with a red curtain and a cabinet with conventional storage space. At a distance is an exhibition of oddities dressed in pure classic anglo-saxon style tapestry . This corner, that can easily be partitioned off for privacy, is juxtaposed of a plethora of objects creating a game of subtle signs. Hence, a surrealistic dialogue is created between the users and the space. On the side, a table d’hôte offers a platform for sharing. A few fetish objects and a mirror in the form of a mask becomes a point of reunification. At the back, near the kitchens, a small zone decorated of two prints is delimited with a curtain. At the end, the terrace marked by the lamps « Dôt » marks the limits of the restaurant.


« I wanted this space to be a place of synergies, of creatives, of dreamers, a place of possibilities and of convergences of all cultures, of yesterday, today and tomorrow. »