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Triomphe Table

Label VIA
Collaborator : Amaury Poudray
Photo : Loic Benoit


…We started designing these objects not presenting the functional objects. One table and one chair seemed to us the ideal support for our work. The table two meter long and one meter wide is constructed like architecture and is composed of the following components.

Two shells in oak and wenge wood are molded and two cross bars lined with the legs of the table assemble to create rigidity. The bottom conclave shape of the top has the same function of stiffening like that of a vault. Both the parts are molded in vacuum on two matrix’s. The two cross bars in oak wood, being the principal pieces of the table are subtly hidden in the folds which form the assembly of both the surfaces.

The difficulty of this table in the study and the construction lies in the details of assembly, when we decide for example to leave a space between the top and the lower surfaces increasing the challenge that we had set, to lighten to the maximum the form at the same time maintaining the dimensions of a dining table. This space reveals each part which builds the object as if the table had decided to reveal the entire structure, whereas the finely cut legs of the table highlights all the more the molded tray.

By using high quality wood like oak and wenge, the objects that we have conceived together convey a strong traditional image tinged with innovation as much on the scale of details as with the global shape. It is as well with the technique of Jérôme Vigné as of our creativity that we could express ourselves without limitations. This project, a source of permanent dialogue between the design, the material and the crafts person allowed us to look into briefly the possibilities of application of design in the field of arts and crafts.