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Le Petit Carré

Institut Paul Bocuse
Photos : Studio Rémi Bouhaniche


When I was asked to work on Signage of the kitchen garden meant for the students of Institut Paul Bocuse for a pedagogical project sponsored by the “Foundation Louis Bonduelle”, I immediately thought of a simple and playful composed of solid colors, graphics and geometric shapes.

The signage is divided into four parts: 3 main panels introducing each category of plant cultivated in the garden; Plant Identification Tags made of 2mm metal sheets for each plant; a Map introducing the project and directional panels outside and inside the site. Each category is given a specific color eg: Dark Brown for Vegetables, Green for the small fruit trees and Purple for aromatic plants. In order to bring all the categories under the same aesthetic language, I worked with only metal and wood. In this way, a collection of visuals and objects were designed to help the kids learn about the plants and to revitalize the green area in the heart of The Institut Paul Bocuse’s castle.