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Granville Gallery
Photos : Arnaud Brouet


Ammamma means ‘Grandmother’ in Malayalam. More than a simple object, Ammamma is a word, a smile, a loving glance. Thus it evokes moments gone and the moments that are yet to come. It is also a reminder of a progressively diminishing daily life in the major cities of India.

The Katories, Chai cups and jugs in stainless steel are kitchen utensils often used and appreciated in India for their durability and their relatively low cost. Today, they are replaced by utensils in melamine or in ceramic. I chose each of these objects for their power of narration, particularly their form and their function. Each of them is a remembrance of a memory, a story which touched me. Hence, Ammamma is an Ammamma c’est donc cette accumulation of these superimposing moments and colors which recreates a language, a starting point of a new story.

Granville Gallery