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« We evolve in an ecosystem of values that allows us to generate virtuous and respectful work synergies for each project on which we work. These dynamics oblige us to adapt our methods of work as per the demands with respect to the values that we stand for. »


« No good project exists without a beautiful human story »

For us, ethics are first and foremost respect towards work and expertise committed to a project. We esteem Ethics to be established in each of our projects allowing creation of a positive synergy throughout the chain of conception and production.


We accord particular attention in designing all our projects with attention to form and to details. Elegance defines our capacity to combine skills, purposes, materials, technique and the global form in order to create light and timeless projects. Studio Rémi Bouhaniche thus integrates itself in a certain french tradition of projects designed with a strong poetic and aesthetic dimension.


There exist different types of innovations at different stages of a project. Studio Rémi Bouhaniche focuses its efforts on innovation of purposes. This innovation re-centers us humans at the heart of the project. Through this research, we explore our capacities to stir ourselves through rituals and practices of use. By integrating new postures and new purposes, we question the notion of comfort. Finally, we use materials for their mechanic and sensitive capacities to create innovation in usage.


Our high standards are an evidence of our desire to attain excellence in details and in precision throughout the conception process. We transfer these demands to our collaborators and to our clients which is mutually reciprocated.