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Maison Nô – Hotel

Blezat Hospitality
2016 – 2017 – 2018
Assistants : Jolèn Rubio, Kevin Josserand, Quentin Cornut


Maison Nô is a place of local and international synergies. Conceived in the form of a vertical village, open towards the road and to the quarter, this house constructed in a haussmannian building is a place of possibilities. The ground floor, where the entrance is divided into three axes: entrance to the restaurant, entrance of the Hotel and to the grocery store constitutes the square of the village, the heart. This crossroads of flows is realized in a central place of wooden flooring. The reception is incarnated with a mural desk and a small, discreet island.

On top, 45 rooms, 45 small custom made houses are divided into 4 categories. «La chambre Club», urban and chic ; «La Master Piece», elegant and poetic; l’Atrim, an experiential bedroom conceived around the theme of cinema and «La chambre Nô», the signature space of the hotel, perennial and sophisticated. Created for the residents, each of its living spaces reunites ritualistic furniture and accessories blending humor, poetry and surrealism.

At the 3rd Floor, a private space offers the residents a place of communion around a 3 m high totem. Each of its face corresponds to a precise function. Together, adorned with unusual objects, the totem attracts curiosity. 3 islands gravitate around the ritualistic furniture, a circle of conversation and game, a daybed – dreaming space and a large bench – a lecture corner.

With this audacious combination of open spaces, micro spaces open between confided corners, of ritualistic furniture and of curiosity, of games and of humor, Maison Nô is a space to be discovered and rediscovered. A space that surprises, interlaces and appeases us.