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La Reserve – Grocery

Blezat Hospitality
2016 – 2017 – 2018
Assistants : Jolèn Rubio, Kevin Josserand, Quentin Cornut


La Réserve a flexible, open and evolving space, a part of the flagship project of Maison Nô. The metallic non lacquered racks furnish the walls of this space. The plywood boxes allows easy arrangement of the shelving unit. Open from one side, closed from the other, these boxes are used either as display stands or for stockage. At the center, a table d’hôte placed below12 decorative lamps in molded glass completes the arrangement of this space.

« This space at times serves as a reading area and at times as a place for tasting. But also as a place of meeting for the guests at Maison Nô and for the residents of the district. A café, a culinary bite, a poetic compilation. A light and bohemian feel fills this space . All embellished with a selection of unique and very high quality products.»